Analysis & Research


International Affairs are unraveling at a rapid speed.  

We are entering an unprecedented era of world politics.  Within the discipline of International Relations, the overcoming of limitations and misconceptions created by the long-standing divorce of theory and realpolitik will be most incumbent upon analysts to decipher. 

The current state of the world calls for a critical realist, and above all, interdisciplinary stance to IR. Both approaches prove to be not only more contiguous with science but with human behavior in general. Alongside this advancement, one of the most striking changes is the disappearance of an apolitical/amoral political philosophy. The attempt of hiding morality, making it unimportant to political behavior is currently due to the crude nature political philosophy is practiced in. Its edicts root in the erroneous assumption that our sciences are not morally principled by design. Yet what is unprincipled is rather the practice, not the sciences as such.

As the current state of the world demonstrates, any political analysis, which is confounded in its proper semantic and conceptual purism, can only bring about gross analytical miscalculations, irrationalism in international affairs, the continuous erosion of Western nation-states, and a staggering moral deficit in the practice of standard economic theory. The Western world's belated response to China's constant economic and political incursions is the perfect example of this deleterious effect.

I have been trained in Interdisciplinary Science when the discipline was still rather young and untarnished by ideological regress. To all of my research projects, I apply a system-related structural approach and precise definitions of terms. I embrace a philosophy that is scientific - not in a vernacular sense, but a literal one; I design analyses of international affairs that encompass a traditional worldview, replete with the wisdom of logic and ethics as well as the use of an ontology and epistemology in the critical realist school of thought. I am a firm believer that the analytical propositions we employ must bring forth a formal validity and result in logical consequentialism - not merely serve the agenda of political utilitarianism. 

Moving forward, I see our future world being a testament to the tested principles of traditionalism and logic, for they are stronger and hold regardless of any ephemerally observed social truth.